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Pawnee County Sheriff's Office Launches New Website

Pawnee County Sheriff's Office Launches New Website

10/12/2021 - Sheriff Darrin Varnell and the Pawnee County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) are pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The website was designed and built to improve communication between the PCSO and its residents in mind and provide a way for them to keep up to date on what is happening within the community.

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12/07/2021 - 09:47 am


12/06/2021 - 12:53 pm

County's Most Wanted

Caylen Henry Lewis Oxment

Caylen Henry Lewis Oxment

Damin Dennis Riley

Damin Dennis Riley

Pawnee County Sheriff's Office Purchases Hybrid Cruiser

Pawnee County Sheriff's Office Purchases Hybrid Cruiser

8/19/2021 - The Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office has purchased a hybrid car to use as a police cruiser.

Pawnee County Sheriff's Office is hiring!

Pawnee County Sheriff's Office

Pawnee County is located in North Central Oklahoma and was established in 1894. Pawnee County includes 569 square miles with roughly 16,577 people in population.

Pawnee County is bordered by the following counties: Osage County to the north, Tulsa County to the east, Creek and Payne Counties to the south, and Noble County to the west.

"My goal is to provide the people of Pawnee County with a new brand and more modern style of Policing while providing a quality and transparent service to the people of Pawnee County. Improve the technology and the patrol fleet. Build strong, lasting relationships with other law enforcement agencies and fire departments. Improve the operations at the County Jail to ensure a safe and secure environment while reducing liability, and improve dispatcher operations." — Sheriff Darrin Varnell

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Do not use this form to notify us of a current crime. Please call 911 or (918) 762-2565.