Pawnee County Sheriff Department 




The Pawnee County Sheriff's Office Responded to the following calls 


August 24, 2014 


02:10 a.m. Female screaming, Basin
15:33 p.m.  Landlord locked tenant out of residence, Pawnee Cove
17:58 p.m.  Suspicious vehicle, Basin 




August 25, 2014 



14:58 p.m.  Domestic Abuse, Pawnee 
18:14 p.m.  Welfare check, West of Cleveland 
18:27 p.m.  Trespassing, Pawnee 
20:24 p.m.  Welfare Check, Terlton 
22:57 p.m.  Domestic, Basin 




August 26, 2014  


06:30 a.m.  Vehicle blocking roadway, Terlton 
18:46 p.m.  Assault, Pawnee 
19:27 p.m.  Assault with hit & run, basin 
22:47 p.m.  Vandalism, Basin 



August 28,1014  






August 29, 2014  


08:12 a.m.  Threats, Westport 
08:48 a.m.  Livestock out, Terlton 
08:51 a.m.  Threats, Jennings 
10:41 a.m.   Burglary alarm, Maramec
11:00 a.m.  Burglary Alarm, Westport 
17:45 p.m. Obscene texting, Terlton 
19:43 p.m.  Abandoned vehicle, Penisula Drive
21:24 p.m.  Disturbance, Cedars mobile home park 




August 30, 2014


12:24 p.m.   Burglary Alarm, Basin 
15:46 p.m.  Train/Vehicle Accident, Hallet
18:41 p.m.  Burglary Alarm, Basin 
19:14 p.m.  ATV Accident, Applachia Bay 
20:20 p.m.  Domestic, Basin 
23:36 p.m.  Vehicle on fire, Blackburn 





August 31, 2014


06:30 a.m.  Vehicle accident, Pawnee 
08:08 a.m.   Stolen vehicle, East of Cleveland 
12:37 p.m.  Domestic, Blackburn
14:21 p.m.  Domestic, Hallett 
15:08 p.m.  Possible dog fights, Cleveland 
18:26 p.m.  Destruction of property, 
20:26 p.m.  Domestic, North of Cleveland 
23:29 p.m.  Loud Party, Washington Irving 







Deputies patrolled the following areas. 

Pawnee Quay Maramec Skedee Washington Irving South
Cimarron Bend Cowskin Bay South Appalachia Bay Ralston Blackburn
Mash am Hallett Jennings Basin