Pawnee County Sheriff Department 





All commissary money must be CASH or CREDIT/DEBIT CARD  






   Pawnee County Sheriff's Office visitation. Check the 2012 Visitation Calendar above . 




      Each inmate is allowed to choose up to five people he or she wants to visit. If your name is not on 

      list , you will not be allowed to visit.  There will be no exceptions.     



     Visitors must provide a valid photo ID in order to visit. 


     You may not visit if you have been incarcerated in the last six months. 


     Visitors must dress appropriately. You will not be allowed to visit while wearing short

      skirts, shorts or low-cut tops.       


     Visitors may only visit an inmate once a week. 


     The office has to be open in order to have visits. If a visitation day falls on a day when the 

     office is closed, there will not be a make-up day. 


     There will be no special visits unless approved by the Sheriff. 


     If you have a small child with you while visiting, please be courteous to the other visitors. If you 

     If you keep a loud or unruly child in the visitor room, you visit will be immediately terminated, and 

     you will be asked to leave.  



     Pastors must be approved by the Under sheriff  before visiting. Call to schedule a meeting.

     Pastors must have the name of the inmate they want to visit.   



     ***** Damage to the visitation machines will result in permanent termination of visits.

                You will be charged for repairs, and criminal charges may also be filed*****


ANY visit may be denied at the staff's discretion. 







1-Grey T-Shirt

1- Grey underwear or boxers

1- pair of Grey socks


NO INMATE CAN HAVE A HARDBACK BOOK.  to approve of them before they are sent up. 


*Money brought to the Sheriff's Office for an inmate's books MUST be cash and put on the Tiger Commissary 

  Kiosk in lobby. 


Inmate families may provide stamps, paper and envelopes at any time.


TRUSTEES may have the following once a week.

2  bags of chips

2  2-liters of pop

UNOPENED  tobacco


                                     Commissary Questions: Melissa    918-762-2565  Ext. 310

                                     Visitation Questions: Nicole          918-762-2565  Ext  311


If contraband is brought into the jail, violators will be prosecuted !