Pawnee County Sheriff Department 






                          CIVIL PROCESS


All Civil Process servings need to be mailed to :



Pawnee County Sheriff Office

Attn: Melissa Ryan 

500 Harrison Street Room -1 Basement 

Pawnee, Oklahoma 74058



Please be sure and include:  


*    The original paper to be served
*    A copy of the paper to be served
*    A check payable to Pawnee County Sheriff's Office in the amount of    $50.00 

*    A self addressed stamped envelope

*    And any additional information about the person to be served 

       (IE. Pictures, Work address, time at the addresses, supervisors 



All papers will be served as soon as possible and returned in a timely manner. The Sheriff's Office 

Civil Desk is open 8 - 4:30 Monday thru Friday, and can be reached at 918-762-2565